Glitter Ombre

STEP ONE: First apply a base coat and your color of choice. I mixed two colors together to get the color I’m wearing.DSC_0208STEP TWO: Add glitter to the bottom of your nail. I used Essie’s pink glitter nail polish called a cut above. DSC_0211STEP THREE: Take triangular make up sponge and brush it lightly on the glitter polish you just applied. Spread the glitter until about halfway up your nail.DSC_0216 DSC_0210

High Tide // Tribal Nails


All in One Base, Essie // High Tide Nail Color, BP Nail Polish (Nordstrom) // Drying Drops, Nicole by OPI // Black Sketch, Milani // Good to Go top coat, Essie


STEP ONE: ALWAYS apply a base coat to your nails. Base coats prevent the nail polish from staining your nails. I used Essie’s All in One Base coat. TIP: When I paint my nails, I always paint the thumb last. I use my thumb to clean up polish that leaks off my nails onto my cuticles. If you paint your thumbs first, cleaning up your cuticles is much harder.



STEP TWO: Apply the nail color of your choice. I used a color I picked up in the BP section at Nordstrom called High Tide. Applying more coats will get you a deeper shade.


STEP THREE (optional): Apply drying drops to your nails, then wait. You’ll have to wait for a long time. If don’t wait, the color will smudge when you try to apply a design. Drying drops speed up the drying process. And even with those I waited for about 30 minutes just to be safe.


STEP FOUR: Now’s the hard part. I use Milano’s Black Sketch to paint to do my design. The polish comes with a fine brush. If you have steady hands, go ahead and just paint freehand. Otherwise, use small pieces of tape to make sure the lines are nice and straight. If you’re going to use tape, though, you should wait about 10 minutes longer for your nails to dry to prevent the tape from stripping the paint off your nails.